Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima

Ronaldo Luiz Nazario De Lima(born on 18 September 1976), commonly known as Ronaldo, is a former Brazilian footballer who played as a striker. In his prime, he was known for his dribbling at speed, feints, and clinical finishing. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest football players in the world.

Ronaldo got three The Best FIFA Men’s Player awards in 1996, 1997 and 2002. In 2010, this award combined with France Football’s Ballon d’Or to create the FIFA Ballon d’Or. He was named the world’s greatest player in the 1998 FIFA World Cup by reporters in the sport. Ronaldo was awarded the Golden Boot(currently termed “Adidas Golden Boot”) in 2002 and Honor of Brazilian Football Confederation in 2010.

He started his European football career at PSV Eindhoven, and played for Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, AC Milan, which are all successful football clubs in the world. He helped these clubs get the titles of La Liga, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, Copa del Rey and Supercopa de España.

In 2011, the football legend announced his retirement as a professional footballer who had played football 18 years.

Ronaldo is a prolific goalscorer, meanwhile, he is also capable of providing assists for his teammates because of his vision, passing and crossing ability. As an extremely powerful, fast, and technical player, he can play in several offensive positions and is able to use both feet.

Lionel Messi, a world-class player, said:“He was the best striker I’ve ever seen. He was so fast he could score from nothing, and could shoot the ball better than anyone.”

“When he has the desire to play football, Ronaldo is fantastic and unparalleled.” said Zinedine Zidane.

Bobby Charlton

As a birthland of modern football, there are many world-class footballers in the long development history of football. Bobby Charlton is just one of them who have made great contributions. All his efforts are the obvious evidence of the great achievements in his playing career. All scenes in England football shirts reminded people how excellent he was.

Renowned for his attacking characteristics, passing ability and long-range passing, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballer of his generation. He was born in Ashington, Northumberland, England on Oct. 11, 1937. As a professional midfielder of England, he played an important role in the team, which is the winner of the 1966 World Cup.

In 1956, he accomplished his first appearance at major competition and caught attentions of all spectators. After survived the Munich air disaster, he became a winner of a World Cup medal and Football League title. After retiring as a professional footballer, he turned to be the coach of Preston North End in 1973.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane was born in Marseille, France on Jun. 23, 1972. As a professional attacking midfielder of the France national football team, he was nicknamed “Zizou”. Known for his elegance, broad vision, ball control and competent technique, he was widely regarded as one greatest footballer of his generation. For his outstanding performances and great achievements on football fields, he was sought after among various clubs and team. Having played for Real Madrid and Juventus, he was winner of La Liga title, UEFA Champions League, Serie A, Intercontinental Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

As a citizen of both France and Algeria, Zinedine Zidane was qualified to play for France national football team and Algeria national football team. But, he became a member of France national football team. On Aug. 17, 1994, he was chosen as a substitute in a friendly against Czech Republic. Aiming at making France side a qualified team, Zidane came out of retirement and pulled on France football shirt for national honors.

Jan Ceulemans

From the end the 19th century, football experienced long-term development, leaving it the most popular sport in Belgium. In the process, there are many football clubs and football stars who have added a strong stroke to the history of football development. Jan Ceulemans is the footballer who was chosen to fight for the country for many times. He was sought after among loyal football fans for his power.

Jan Ceulemans is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballer of his generation for his outstanding performances and great achievements on domestic and abroad football fields. Having took the position of attacking footballer and as a prolific goal-scorer pulling on the Belgium football shirt, Ceulemans owns thousands of followers for his consistency, stamina, volley and unique technique.

He turned to be the coach of KSC Eendracht Aalst in 1992 after ended his playing career for long-term haunting of knee injuries. During his managerial career, he engaged himself in improve and teaching practical skills of footballers, aiming at to help them as much as possible.

Michael Laudrup

Having been the once celebrated footballer of the Denmark national football team, he created great achievements belonging to himself. He was born in Frederiksberg, Denmark on Jun. 15, 1964. He is the elder brother of Brian Laudrup and helped his brother on football fields. He was widely regarded as the first-tier footballer for his competitive personal ability on football fields.

As a versatile footballer, he played for Ajax, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus consecutively and won numerous accolades and titles for those clubs. At Barcelona and Real Madrid, he experienced his golden era of his career, winning nine trophies. Five of them are titles of the La Liga in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and the 1992 European Cup.

After ended his playing career, he started his managerial career firstly at the former club — Brøndby in 2002. Then, he became the assistant coach of the Denmark national football team. Under his guide, the team won many trophies and titles. But unfortunately, he was fired by the Swansea for bad ranking in the Premier League.

A Retired Excellent French Footballer — Laurent Blanc

The French footballer was renowned for its eminent leadership as played with club Marseille. It was for that reason that he was give the nickname Le Président. Laurent Blanc, former professional football player of France national football team; in addition, he also had played with some football clubs, including Montpellier, Napoli, Barcelona, Marseille, Internazionale and Manchester United. As a standout professional footballer, he has made great contributions at the 1998 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2000, earning 97 caps and winning 16 international goals. In the World Cup match against Paraguay, Laurent Blanc won his number one golden goal in June 1998.

Since he started his managerial career, many football clubs have made great progresses with direction of the French international. Prior to being the coach of France national football team, Blanc led Bordeaux to the 2008-09 Ligue title. Taken the position of Raymond Domenech after the 2010 World Cup, he was appointed as the coach of the France national football team. Then, he coached the club Paris-Saint Germain for further honors.

For his outstanding performances at the the 1988 European Under-21 Championship, Blanc became a member of the team winning Greece in the play-off. He was also awarded the Golden Player by UEFA in the same year. He accomplished his first appearance with the French senior national football team against Ireland national football team. Although with the helping hand of countless famous retired footballer, France side failed to reach the 1990 World Cup. Upon hearing this bad news, most football fans and related persons have heavily criticized him for the poor subsequence.

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique was professional footballer of the Spain national football team, current coach of the team. He was born in Gijón, Spain on May 8, 1970. Great achievements and numerous accolades made him one of the best footballers in Spain football shirt. All achievements won by him are closely connect to his competitive personal ability – good technique, versatility and consistency. Last but not the least, his constant efforts is also one of critical factors of his great success.

Luis Enrique became one member of the Spain national football team by his raw talents and unremitting efforts. At three World Cups – 1994 FIFA World Cup, 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he scored 12 goals at 62 matches. In 2008, he ended his playing career and went back Barcelona as a coach. Then he worked for the Barcelona B, Roma and Celta consecutively. In this process, he carried forward precious strategy, experience and practical skills on football fields to young football players who need it.