Jan Ceulemans

From the end the 19th century, football experienced long-term development, leaving it the most popular sport in Belgium. In the process, there are many football clubs and football stars who have added a strong stroke to the history of football development. Jan Ceulemans is the footballer who was chosen to fight for the country for many times. He was sought after among loyal football fans for his power.

Jan Ceulemans is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballer of his generation for his outstanding performances and great achievements on domestic and abroad football fields. Having took the position of attacking footballer and as a prolific goal-scorer pulling on the Belgium football shirt, Ceulemans owns thousands of followers for his consistency, stamina, volley and unique technique.

He turned to be the coach of KSC Eendracht Aalst in 1992 after ended his playing career for long-term haunting of knee injuries. During his managerial career, he engaged himself in improve and teaching practical skills of footballers, aiming at to help them as much as possible.

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